Captain’s Log

In college (and after) my buddy Dacodah and I would drink a lot of rum, take our clothes off, and place one foot on an elevated surface. Then we’d place our hands on our hips and take a picture.

We haven’t done it in a while, but it inspired this story about those times, and what it means to be thrown into a growing up you were in the whole time. It’s like a whiplash of an awakening.

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Fear of a Looming Flip

I had my first piece of non-fiction published last week. It’s a short (approx. 1700 words) essay I wrote in response to the recent 10-year anniversary of The Dark Knight, and my perpetual fear that one day I’m going to say, “fuck it,” and give in to the chaos of the world, but like the Joker.

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Scoop Carry Dump Repeat

I have a story in the newest issue of Saw Palm, the literary journal published by the University of South Florida.

I’m exceptionally proud and happy to have found a home for this story. It’s the first new piece I wrote as a student in my MFA program, and one I’ve spent the most time editing, carving, rewriting, and some times, giving up on. Between the notes of Kevin Moffett, Corinna Vallianatos, Jason Ockert, and then later, Matt Perez of at the Barrelhouse Writer’s Camp, I managed to find a shape and structure to this beast. It’s been a while three years, and it’ll be wonderful to see it in print. Continue reading “Scoop Carry Dump Repeat”

Three Poems!

I have three poems up a Five:2:One today, including an MP3 recording of my reading it.

“swampy conjunction”, “closing my eyes is a trust fall with my imagination”, and “one like equals” are all products of this past August, when after attending the Barrelhouse Writer’s Camp in Pennsylvania, I wrote a poem a day the rest of the month.

The project was fun, considering I never write poetry, and thanks to the guidance and subtle nudge from my new friend Christina Beasley, I managed to write about 25 poems. I thought three of them turned out pretty solid, and so I sent them out around the time Hurricane Irma flooded downtown Jacksonville.

Hopefully you enjoy, because I’ve decided to dedicate some time to writing poetry for the time being. Hopefully a chapbook or something will come out of it.