“Bad Zeitgeist”

A flash piece of mine was recently published in an issue of The Molotov Cocktail.

This story originated from my fourth residency at the University of Tampa. Normally, during residency we aren’t given any assignments outside of reading and critiquing the work of our peers; however, Jason Ockert likes to assign a 500 word story to his students due by the end of residency. When we’ve finished, we email everyone our draft and we do a quick lightning round workshop for each.

I wrote the core of this draft in one sitting during a fiction seminar. I was hungover, and a little embarrassed, because the night before, my writerly friends and I drank way too much and got it in our heads that we were going to jump in the Hillsborough River.

Similar to the story, the campus police pulled up immediately, said something about a gator, and then one friend and I broke into one of the halls before we were caught and kicked out again. No, I didn’t take anything else, I don’t partake in anything other than alcohol, but the fading dreamscape of the memory combined with my own shame fueled my instinct to write about it.

I ended up turning it in as my 500 word assignment. Ockert suggested I turn down the silliness of it, and here I am, with a published piece. Read “Bad Zeitgeist” here, and let me know what you think.



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