I have a story up at Eyeshot!

If you’re unfamiliar, Eyeshot is run by Lee Klein, author and known master of the rejection. His book, Thank You, Sorry, and Good Luck, is a collection of rejections he sent to writers over the course of Eyeshot’s existence. I scooped a copy of this at the Barrelhouse Writer’s Camp, understanding it would be funny, but it ended up being one of the best books on craft I’ve ever read.

I sent “Gastropod” to Lee Klein in the hopes that I might receive one of his classic rejections, but he ended up liking it and giving it a home.

The conceit of this came about when I was checking my mail and I saw two kids drinking rain water out of the street. Recently, Hurricane Irma tore through Florida, flooded Jacksonville, and in the aftermath we found a baby squirrel abandoned in our yard. This turned out to be the missing bit I needed, and two drafts later, “Gastropod” found a home.

You can read the story here — and it’d be cool to hear what you think.

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