I have a story in the newest issue of Saw Palm, the literary journal published by the University of South Florida.

I’m exceptionally proud and happy to have found a home for this story. It’s the first new piece I wrote as a student in my MFA program, and one I’ve spent the most time editing, carving, rewriting, and some times, giving up on. Between the notes of Kevin Moffett, Corinna Vallianatos, Jason Ockert, and then later, Matt Perez of at the Barrelhouse Writer’s Camp, I managed to find a shape and structure to this beast. It’s been a while three years, and it’ll be wonderful to see it in print.

You’ll notice the story is organized in four sub-sections, and those sections are based on the following Calvin and Hobbes strip.


Calvin and Hobbes is a vital part of the story, and a heavy influence on my own work, despite the glaring lack of illustrations.

I’m also fired up to have a story right next to one by Kyle Minor! What a time to be alive. As of right now, I don’t know when the issue will be going on sale, but I imagine it will not only be soon, but also at AWP! Would love for you to grab a copy and let me know what you think of the story.


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