I had my first piece of non-fiction published last week. It’s a short (approx. 1700 words) essay I wrote in response to the recent 10-year anniversary of The Dark Knight, and my perpetual fear that one day I’m going to say, “fuck it,” and give in to the chaos of the world, but like the Joker.

It’s a weird feeling having something like this out there. On one hand, I’m proud that I was able to articulate my own fears and anxieties on the page. It made me feel better, really, about the high probability that I won’t become the Joker. I also enjoyed being able to share this with my wife, a woman who does NOT identify with this side of me at all, but is relentless in her support and love for me, despite the fact that I don’t deserve it (at least, not to the extent that she loves me. She is incredible and I am forever indebted).

On the other hand, my ego is precious these days, and being vulnerable and honest in such a public manner, even to a small extent, was a little panic-inducing–I mean, I admit a small bit of empathy for wrongdoers, something I’m still grappling to understand about myself.

Anyway, you can read the essay here: Fear of a Looming Flip

Would love to hear (read) anybody’s thoughts.

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